SECL Project is a martech / adtech software development company that works with brands and agencies. We utilise the latest technologies to build solutions that create business opportunities.

SECL Project is lead by Simon Larcey. Simon is a business leader who has worked in the digital media space for 20 years. He is currently Managing Director of both SECL Project and Path51. He is a champion of ideas and is passionate about new technologies and innovation. 


Web Development

We love a problem at SECL Project and have a large brain pool to solve it. Martech or Adtech, we can create and develop a range of solutions. We develop algorithms that automate and predict, we develop platforms that aggregate and respond, we develop systems that identify and deliver. If you have a problem – we will find a solution.


Our consultancy services help you develop and implement your idea and ensure the best team is used. We’re big thinkers at SECL Project. With each project we like to identify the key strategic goals and then establish the best route to reach them. With a network of experts across multiple fields we guarantee a successful outcome.

User Experience

We have a rule at SECL Project: design it for a three-year-old. This rule ensures the best user experience and easy to navigate design. We believe everything should be easy to find and our team of user experience (UX) experts and user interface (UI) designers ensure that each project provides an effortless journey.

App Development

Apps provide a more dedicated user experience than browsing the internet. You own the app and a good app becomes an invaluable tool to any Martech initiative.With years of experience, we have created projects across IOS and Android.

Word Press CMS

Anyone looking to launch a website should not look past Word Press. This platform provides a cost effective solution and easy to use Content Management System (CMS) which ensures even a three-year-old could update and manage the site.

Responsive Web Design

All our solutions are built using a responsive design. In todays world, over 60% of internet users access the web via a mobile device. We are dedicated to using responsive design technologies which will always ensure the best possible user experience.


As quantum physicists, computer scientists and UX experts we have no limitations. We make ideas come to life.


Using the scrum methodology we create technology in a flexible and innovative environment.


Through rigorous processes and effective project management,  we deliver on time and launch to impress.



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